About Golden Circle & Offroad Tour

This is a day tour with pick up at the hotel in Reykjavik metropolitan area. You will get the opportunity to see waterfalls, glacier, lake, hotspring. The Golden is one of most known itineraries in Iceland. We will visit the oldest parliament in the world by the largest lake in Iceland. We can look up and see Langjökull. The Geysir area located in Haukadalur is still very active and thought the most famous hotspring in the world is dorment, Strokkur is still there gushing water for our pleasure. Gullfoss is a powerfull waterfall located in the canyon of the Hvitá river wich the water runs from Langjökull glacier. Faxi is a waterfall located at theTungufljót river popular among kayakers.

Trip details

  • Pick up at departure outside at your hotel
  • Lunch stop at Geysir / Gullfoss
  • Estimated arrival back in Reykjavik is around 6 pm (18:00)
  • Hiking ca. 1 hour

What to bring

  • Waterproof and confortable shoes
  • Base and mid layer clothing
  • Waterproof and warm coat
  • Wool cap
  • Camera